The GardenX Team:

Max Jaffe - Director

Owner / General Manager.

Max has over 25 year's experience in the landscape industry.  He has experience  in both hard and soft landscaping and wide knowledge in garden maintenance.

Jonathan Cleland


Jonathan joined GardenX in 2015. He is a qualified accountant and his experience behind the scenes in the office is an asset.
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David James - Team Leader / Gardener.

David joined GardenX in 2015. David has a good knowledge of plants and shrubbery and a good knowledge of machinery.  He holds a Level 4 certificate in horticulture.

Ben Fowler - Gardener.

Be joined GardenX in 2016. Ben is originally from England but has considerable turf management experience on golf courses in Canada.  Ben is an accomplished operator of machinery and usually operates our largest tractor mower.

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Wayne German - Team Leader / Gardener.

Wayne joined GardenX in 2011. Wayne has a great horticultural knowledge, having worked in the industry for different companies over the years including nurseries and plant hire companies.

Phillip Wilcox - Gardener.

Phil joined GardenX in 2014. Phil has run his own lawn mowing business in the past and worked in Melbourne as a gardener. Phil and Wayne look after our North Shore sites.

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Robin Butcher - Team Leader / Gardener.

Robin joined GardenX in 2015. Robin is a passionate gardener previously working in Retirement Villages and as Linesman carrying out tree maintenance. Robin has a great knowledge of plants and machinery.

Kyle Silich - Gardener

Kyle joined GardenX in 2016.  Kyle has a background in general labouring, including work in agriculture. Kyle has a good knowledge of plants and tools.

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Mike Isherwood - Team Leader / Gardener.

Mike joined GardenX in 2013. Mike has over 20 years of experience running his own business and working for garden centers. Mike has a wide knowledge of plants and plant care.

Anthony Sulenta - Gardener.

Anthony has been with GardenX since 2010. Anthony is also a passionate gardener growing a lot of his own vegetables at home. He has a Level 4 qualification in horticulture and a wide knowledge of machinery and tools.

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Dylan Martin - Team Leader / Gardener

Dylan joined GardenX in early 2016. Dylan has a passion for horticulture and an excellent knowledge of plants and machinery.  Dylan has a Level 4 Certificate in Horticulture.  Dylan spent most of his childhood years in Ireland.

Alex Adam-Bolton - Gardener

Alex joined GardenX in early 2016.  Alex has experience in construction and building.  He has excellent practical skills and a good knowledge of plants and tools.



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