GardenX, Supporting 'Variety' - The Children's Charity

With a desire to become involved with 'Variety' - The Children's Charity, Max and Marie Jaffe (the current owners) purchased 'Bernie' in August 2008 and spent a year restoring him to full running condition.

Bernie is a 1964 Commer VK fire engine and was converted
from a service fire engine to a Variety Bash vehicle in the 1990's.

'Bernies Buddies' is a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to supporting Variety - The Children's Charity in their mission to help New Zealand's sick, disabled and disadvantaged children reach their full potential

Bernie's Buddies has two main goals, which are quite simply to help kids and to have fun. We are committed to raising as much money as we can either through sponsorship or through individual fundraising opportunities.

If you would lke more information about Variety - The Children's Charity and how you can help, visit

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